What can be learned from designing architecture for video games: emotion

In the game world, designers are very aware what emotion they design into their environments. If the gamer, the client is not being put through a rewarding emotional journey, what is to stop them from quitting the game and writing bad reviews.

The reasoning for the emotional journey being so important is that it allows the gamer bond. This bonding has everything to do with how we feel. We pretend to be good at giving logical arguments yet that logic is just an automatic rationalisation from the emotions underneath.

Simply put, game designers are the experts when it comes to design spaces inducing specific emotions such as awe, vulnerability, confusion, fear or security. Image what our real life space could look like if it was design to evoke the bonding we need or crave for. Let’s make a case to use their perspective to start first in thinking what bonding and emotional articulation the space shall have.

We hope to work together with these experts in the near future.

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