The Key to Great Office Design – via @Inc

Blog on Inc by Denise Mieko Cherry:

Want to create an office that truly reflects your company’s culture? Forget about inspirational posters and the color of your logo.

When it comes to design (and office design in particular), I spend a good portion of my day talking normally forward-thinking people out of backward-facing decisions. Recently, I spent the better part of an afternoon convincing the executive team of a sustainable technology start-up that their space did not need to be painted the same Pantone color as their logo to be considered creative. The CEO expressed concern: “How will someone know this was their office if the brand assets aren’t directly represented?”

Granted, it seems obvious in theory. Our logo is green, so the walls should also be green. But this way of thinking fails to acknowledge the most unique and important aspect of any company: the people and the culture they have created. Businesses spend countless hours reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and agonizing over each addition to the team; yet the space where staff will spend the bulk of their time is often designed to highlight marketing jargon or worse, not designed at all.

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