The economical case for health and wellbeing in the office

Health and wellbeing have been making more sense than we have probably thought, and for a longer time too. In a 2008 UK PwC research shows that presenteeism (being present with reduced performance and productivity) is double as costly as being ill and absent in the UK. In pounds:  £15 billion vs £8.4 billion per year.

That is why a strong case has been made to ensure wellness as an important integral aspect to improve both financial and non-financial benefits. See the image below.


The key message in this article of the Huffington Post is that health should be engrained in the company’s culture and leadership. Varying from leadership endorsement to integrated programs and healthy work environments.

We believe that positive and strong reminders are needed as part of the cultural and physical work environment. Reminders that invite different and healthier behavior. We also believe that strategy and design need to come closer together to create a healthy work-ecosystem. Because individually the components are not clear enough communicators to change the behavior and culture of a company.