The 44 healthiest companies to work for in the USA

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It’s common sense that happy people make for more productive and innovative employees. Yet 42 percent of workers have left a job due to a stressful environment, and another 35 percent have considered changing jobs due to stress, according to a 2014 survey of 6,700 people. It’s high time companies start giving back to their employees—and we’re not referring to a plate of cookies or stale croissants every other year.

These 44 businesses go above and beyond, proving that a workplace that considers its employees’ health, happiness, and work/life balance vital to its own success isn’t so far-fetched. From gourmet cafeterias to rooftop beer gardens and unlimited vacation to two-story slides, these companies know what it means to pull together—and have fun—as a team.

Some cool examples:

  • Google provides on-site physicians and nurses for its employees, physical fitness programs, and on-site gyms.
  • Mayo Clinic is focused on helping its employees feel happy and motivated by offering an online wellness portal.
  • General Electric recently began offering unlimited vacation.
  • Microsoft has an on-campus spa, sports fields, flexible work hours; paid membership to full-service gyms; a full health package.
  • General Mills provides ergonomic trainings and wellness resources, including an on-site health clinic at its headquarters and gyms and sports teams at various offices.
  • Zappos has wellness coaches for their employees, they offer an on-site fitness center and weight management program encourages employees to stay in shape. Besides that; there are nap rooms at company HQ, because everyone knows siesta hour is a real thing.
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