TED 2013: Five Big Ideas on the Future of Work – @LinkedIn

During the final session of this year’s TED conference, philosopher Peter Singer threw out astatistic: 80,000 hours. That’s the amount of time a typical professional spends working. And, as so many TED speakers discussed this week, the nature of work is changing. Technology is making once-stable careers obsolete, and raising questions about how educators and lawmakers should react.

A look at five big ideas from TED on how to rethink careers, change policy, improve our health and prepare for the future of the work:


Robert J. Gordon: “It’s time to raise the retirement age”

Peter Singer: “Want to change the world? Go into finance”

Nilofer Merchant: “Your desk chair should be your nemesis”

Andrew McAfee: “When the robots rule, we need a guaranteed paycheck”

Elon Musk: “Want to Innovate? Work Constantly (And Study Physics)”


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