Offices will become our cathedrals

On FastCoDesign we found a great blog on what the landscape of design will look like in 2020 according to the most innovative designers of today. Read the original blog here: 25 Ideas shaping the future of design

Ben Watson, Executive Creative Director of Herman Miller, shares this idea:

Work has become like singing, you can do it anywhere now. That’s why offices will need to become more like cathedrals and recording studios. Cathedrals because singing in that setting (atmosphere, reverb, etc.) alters the character of even a single human voice and inspires a greater performance. Recording studios because they are specifically designed to help create and capture the highest-quality experience of singing—capture that and reproduce it. When we can work anywhere, people should want to come to an office because it gives them a heightened experience of work that can be had nowhere else.

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