Mindfulness in the workplace. It’s happening at Microsoft.

This blog on the Microsoft website caught our attention: Mindfulness in the workplace: how two minutes a day can reduce stress and improve focus.

It describes the benefits of mindfulness such as decreasing stress, maintaining focus and better life satisfaction. And how practitioners are bringing mindfulness principles to the workplace, with results in increased productivity and a reduction in anxiety, while increasing personal happiness.

On the Microsoft blog you can find 3 easy steps to start, which you can do it in as little as two minutes a day.

Great to read how the Microsoft company culture is so open to this form of improving employees health and reducing stress within company borders. We wonder how this is at your company. And on top of that: Does your workplace have a physical environment to spend those Mindful minutes?

Convertibles would love to create a fitting work environment with you. A War Room for example could do the trick. Drop us a line if you want one.