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The economical case for health and wellbeing in the office

Rijkswaterstaat kiest voor biophilic design

The 44 healthiest companies to work for in the USA

Convertibles in Management Team Magazine

What can be learned from designing architecture for Video Games: Emotion

7 Ways to enhance indoor environments with biophilic design -@ecobldgpulse

Offices will become our cathedrals

Mindfulness in the workplace. It’s happening at Microsoft.

Hoeveel uur zit jij gedurende jouw werkdag?

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The War room – by Convertibles

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Fallacy of business uniformity

Living Stages: What can workplaces learn from theatre design? by Imogen Privett @RCAeducation @HHCDesign

The importance of biophilic design – via @REMINetwork

Infographic: disappearing office items, dream office tools and office upgrades by @LinkedIn users

To be present or to be virtual. That’s the question.

Why workplace flexibility attracts and retains top talent (Infographic) – via @Inc


Duurzame kantoren en gezonde werkplekken door Biomimicry

Bijna kwart Nederlandse werknemers ontevreden over hun werkplek – onderzoek door @integron

Let’s meet at Starbucks

The 7 zones in thriving workplaces

Kantoortuinen VS afgescheiden werkplekken – blog op @Intermediair

Thriving workplaces

Employees perform better when they can control their space – @HarvardBiz

Ideas for making your desk space more creative – by Rae Ann Fera @FastCoCreate

Motorola glass

50 shades of grey?

Recycled chairs wardrobe – product inspiration

The 10 worst things about working in an open-office. In your words – by @FastCompany

Thrivability: The next step in Sustainability and New Ways of Working @ThrivabilityNL

Co-creative workplace transformation @Klein Haarlem

Office culture is created by setting traditions – @dailymuse

Alex Hillman – What can Coworking teach us about the Future of Work? @ignifluous

How to design a better office for both introverts and extroverts? via @FastCompany

The Workplace of the Future: Connected, Collaborative, Creative – via @LinkedIn

Het kantoor van de toekomst: werken in 2033 – via @Intermediair

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Wat is de invloed van de werkomgeving op een organisatie? – Center for People and Buildings

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World’s 20 Coolest Offices – @Inc

Bijna kwart Nederlandse werknemers ontevreden over hun werkplek – onderzoek door Integron

Colour influences business and customers

10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity – blog @inc

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