Convertibles is a biophilic workplace strategist. We deliver workplace design and blueprint strategy for our clients derived from Biophilic Design. The next generation work spaces incorporate many new values such as flexibility, health, sustainability and purpose. With these our clients achieve a healthier workforce, improve on talent attraction, retention as well as boosting their capacity for (social) innovation.

As Chris Flink of IDEO says, “Space is the body language of an organization”.

To achieve maximum results for our clients we use our core competencies; biophilic design, human centered design and inclusive design. We always get to the core of emotional and functional needs for the space. Last but not least, we make sure your people will be working in esthetically well designed spaces.



    Excellent soundscapes
  • We eliminate unwanted noise and keep or improve the design of your office
  • Test - measure - advise/design - install

    The human centered approach
  • We eliminate unspoken privacy issues and improve the design of your office
  • Test - interview - advise/design - install

    The fastest profitablility scan
  • Short list of 10 low-hanging fruit problems with recommendations
  • Test - explain - advise

    Brain enhancing office environments
  • Implementing a custom fit strategy for your company.
  • Includes Lean office fix, privacy & acoustic solutions, evidence based workplace strategy, training & leadership

Convertibles is the office design expert of Neuwork, amongst experienced professionals in technology, HR and change management. This platform helps German SME’s to explore the future of work in a hands-on way.

Convertibles delivers keynote speeches, Q&A and interviews on the topics of workplace design and biophilic design and share our vision online as well. We enjoy the debate of the existing and possible mindsets regarding biophilic design and workplace strategies.

You are welcome to have a look at our presentations. We have globally inspired many companies and curious minds, given our reach of over 25.000 views.




“With LEF Future Center we faced the challenge to re-invent ourselves after 6 years. Convertibles has been properly stretching our thinking of what is possible. They understand the needs in our future center and delivered a rich body of concepts that can be implemented today. The proposals for modifications are very promising, both in the physical and the digital environment.”

– Yge ten Kate, manager business development LEF future center, Rijkswaterstaat –

“We have hired Convertibles to develop a new corporate interior identity and to make this future-proof for all our office locations. I have witnessed Convertibles designing from the philosophy of human-interior-interaction, which was relevant for the specific user needs. Our vision and Convertibles’ vision are united in good design and construction plan that is easy to implement. We are very content with it.”

– Mark Smakman, owner Streetwise

EXPERT on Design

“Want to really boost innovation? Ditch telecommuting and create office spaces that spur serendipitous encounters.  For Google, the office is key to worker success”

David Radcliffe, VP Real estate workplace services Google –

“I have witnessed a resistance to this type of one-size-fits-all lean office design. By focusing on design for design’s sake it can strip the personality out of a place and take with it a sense of ownership that often contributes to employee happiness, wellbeing and productivity.”

– Kursty Groves, author of I wish I worked there –

EXPERT on Environment

The physical environment connects with us at a subconscious level – whether positively or negatively. Simply adding plants to an environment can boost concentration levels and productivity.

Research conducted by Cardiff University.

EXPERTS on Placemaking

It is difficult to design a space that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished.”

– William H. Whyte,  founder of placemaking –

Employees who have control over the layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier, they’re also up to 32% more productive.

– Dr. Craig Knight, University of Exeter –

EXPERT on Sound

Why architects need to use their ears? Because of poor acoustics, students in classrooms miss 50 percent of what their teachers say and patients in hospitals have trouble sleeping because they continually feel stressed. I sound a call to action for designers to pay attention to the “invisible architecture” of sound.

 – Julian Treasure, Author of Sound business –


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Roy Captijn
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Workplace strategist, project manager, interaction design, sustainability

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